Faith and Fitness

12771687_10153477968326801_7744392453548254109_oSometimes we get so wrapped up in our “To Do” list that we lose track of what’s important. Today has been ONE of those days I will be glad when it’s OVER. I needed to take a step back, breathe and refocus… And the best place for that is remembering what I’m so thankful for… This picture is a pretty good reminder. 

-God’s grace
-Healthy body 
-Happy home
-Passion for helping others

I’m going to get in a quick workout and get my mind right!!

I’ve decided to do something DIFFERENT in my Challenge Group this month, because I need to REFOCUS on the things that are most important to me. I believe that being HEALTHY takes much more than a good workout and clean eating. So, I’m hosting my first group centered around FAITH and fitness. Not only will we workout, we are going to go through the book, “Made to Crave,” which focuses on shifting our cravings from food and unhealthy habits to our relationship with God! I can’t think of anything more rewarding than learning to love ourselves, have a closer relationship with Christ, and getting healthy!!

I’m so excited about this, and YOU ARE INVITED!! So, here are the details-

✔30 days in a private group
✔Fitness program of your choice
✔Complete nutrition guide
✔Color coded containers for portion control
✔Group support
✔”Made to Crave” book study

I want to keep this group small so it remains intimate! I’m looking for FIVE ladies ready to change their life and give 100% in this group. If you are interested in joining us, CLICK HERE to fill out the application! The group will start next Monday, 2/29!


Growth in 2015

2015 growth

I’ve done a LOT of things in my life (especially career-wise) without REAL INTENTION because it was the EASY way out.

-Majored in journalism because it had the least amount of math.
-Got my teaching certification so I wasn’t working INSANE hours, was home before 5:00p, and had the same vacays as my kids.
-Worked in educational sales, because.. HELLLLOOO, summers and NOT being stuck in an office.

The problem with taking the easy way out or focusing on things that don’t matter… is you don’t end up where you want to be! While I actually enjoyed my major, teaching and being in sales, there were HUGE voids. Work still ruled my life, even though I had more than two weeks of vacation time, papers still had to be graded when the day was over, and to make more money (not really possible in the classroom), I had to work more, sign bigger accounts, put more miles on my car, and GIVE up what was most precious to me, TIME WITH MY FAMILY! BLAHHHHHHH!

Three years ago, for the first time in my adult life, I CHOSE “work” because it was what I WANTED to do. For the first time, I was in TOTAL control over the hours I spent working and HOW MUCH money I make. For the first time, I was able to do something that gave me EXTREME happiness while being rewarding financially. For the first time, my income was a direct reflection of the people I HELPED and the time I put in. I did not start really WORKING this as more than a hobby until spring of THIS year, and LOOK what happened!

I’m going to be REALLY brutally honest with you here. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH SCHEME, but you can build a full-time income pretty dang quickly if you put in the work, and you can make more money than you EVER imagined possible if you stick with it. You do NOT make a lot of money off of people signing up under you (ICKYYYYY ALERT). There are NO huge buy-ins to get started (YOU buy what you need to start your personal health/fitness journey- THAT is it). You do NOT keep products that you aren’t using at home. If you do NOT help your Challengers and Coaches, you are NOT successful. It’s actually really simple. You work on YOU. You share your journey (not a bunch of corporate promo pictures -GAG). You get to BE YOU and people want to follow you for EXACTY that.

This is real. The income can be LIFE CHANGING. The opportunity to GROW as a person and SHARE your journey, inviting along the way, is the ONLY requirement. Is this traditional?? No, BUT I recently realized, I have really never done things BY THE BOOKS… and without a doubt, this is the most rewarding, non-traditional thing I have EVER done… and guess what?! It’s CHANGED our life in more ways than one.

-I am surrounded by incredible people DAILY!
-My norm is positive and uplifting, and I have the opportunity every, dang day to RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.
-I have grown a part-time business to a full-time income, and we increased our monthly paychecks by ALMOST 5x in 12 months. I’m not sure about you, but I have NEVER worked another job that I had the ability to be in TOTAL control of my income and get a 5x raise in ONE YEAR. (PS- I had another $1000 paycheck, but I got it on Dec. 2nd, so I didn’t even count that for November)

I seriously ask my husband ALLLLL the time… IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I am BLOW away with this opportunity. Blown away with the integrity of our products and mission. Blown away that I GET to lead by example every day. The obesity rate in the U.S. is SCARY, and with this opportunity, we can CHANGE lives, we can positively change relationships, and we can change the future of the people we LOVE most.

Our team is GROWING, and I am looking for LEADERS. I am looking for people that don’t want to settle for normal anymore. I am looking for moms & dads that want to be able to prioritize their families and not go without financially because they choose to do so. I am looking for women ready to CHANGE their life and make 2016 the best year yet… I am looking for women WILLING to work for it, to take responsibility for their actions and DEMAND more from life…. all while becoming better moms, wives, friends, and employees. I am looking for people ready to GO all in… no excuses… no backing down. I am looking for people who want to be the BEST in this business and BE MORE than they ever dreamed!

Sound like you?! I am going to take on FIVE new coaches THIS MONTH to personally mentor and show you exactly what I have done in this business to find success… as a busy, working wife and mom of THREE. If I can do it, ANYONE can! <3

If you are interested, please CLICK HERE to fill out the application!

Life is Good


Gahhhhhh. My ‪#‎mcm‬ EVERY DAY. I seriously never imagined life could be THIS good. I grew up with the BEST Christian role models, who showed us exactly what a marriage was supposed to be like… But I had a lot of BAD relationships, and a failed marriage- with young children- before Luke. No one wants to talk about these things… Total FAILURES… But it’s LIFE, and it makes me so grateful for today. Before Luke and I started dating, I was ready to just be alone… And be a mother to my girls. And… I’m certain he was not ready to get married or have an INSTANT family. Thankfully, God had a better plan than either of us did. Luke is our rock, and the most incredible hubby/father. Our marriage gets stronger and stronger every day, and he makes me a better person. I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt lately as a mother. I work a full time job, and I run a full time coaching business (part-time)- that officially makes more money than my REAL job! To say I am stretched thin, is an understatement. Luke takes on parenting duties, plays with the kids, and does bath time, so I can work on my business AFTER work. He is the greatest support system, but he is also the reasoning behind most decisions we make. Last night, Luke told me he had been thinking about some things we needed to do differently as parents, and I agree with him 100%. Things that had been on my mind and in my heart, he verbalized and put into action. This man is an answered prayer and better than anything I ever imagine. I am thankful for his leadership and the example that he sets for our children every single day. Goodness… I am GRATEFUL. 

Faith Bigger Than FEAR

FAITH bigger than fear3I heard something Sunday morning in church that I have thought about multiple times, every day since. If you are allowing FEAR to consume your life, you are NOT trusting God, but you are worshipping those fears. Have you ever felt a calling SO strong, but your FEAR kept you from going after it?! Of course you have. We all have. Fear is healthy, but letting it control your life, or hold you back from your dreams, is NOT. Three years ago, I believed deep down that coaching could change my family’s life, but I let the fear of failure, judgement, and the unknown hold me back. We are SOOOO programmed to do what society deems NORMAL, that we miss out on SO many opportunities to go where we are CALLED. WHY would anyone want to be NORMAL when life can be INCREDIBLE? God gives us the most amazing callings, yet we walk away because we don’t feel capable. Guess what?! God doesn’t call the QUALIFIED, he qualifies the CALLED. So, those FEARS… Let them go! That stirring in your heart, that you were made for MORE… Go after it!!! Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear. 

Non-Scale Victories

NSV post

I LOVE celebrating WINS with my coaches and my challengers. These non-scale victories are extra fun, because, SERIOUSLY, who doesn’t love shopping for new jeans?! This Challenger is an avid runner, and, truthfully, she is an athlete. Most people would look at her and think she’s in great shape already… Why is she in a Challenge Group?! The most incredible thing about these groups is the women that are there daily to support you, to hold you accountable & PUSH you when you don’t think you can do it. Your goal may be to tone up, lose ten pounds, or lose 100! These groups are for YOU!!! Did you know the average person GAINS EIGHT pounds over the holidays?! Not you. Not this year!! Are you looking for a plan to keep you on track and going into the new year strong?! I have a support group starting MONDAY, and I would love you to join me. 

✔Complete Meal plan/Nutrition Guide
✔30 minute workouts
✔Color Coded Containers for Portion Control
✔Nutrient Dense SUPERFOOD Shake

INTERESTED. Now is YOUR TIME!! Shoot me an email at or CLICK HERE to apply!