Sore or Sorry?


When you aren’t working out AT all (or very sporadically), you completely forget how AMAZING it feels to be sore. Last night, I did PIYO Lower Body, a workout I did for the first time last week. Instead of just going through the routine, as I did last week, I made pushing myself a priority; going lower, holding poses longer, and doing one more rep. This morning, I am SORE, and it feels so much better than being SORRY!

What Inspires YOU?

If it was EASY


I can remember from a young age, looking up to women around me. Sometimes it was a babysitter, a lifeguard at the local pool, a cheerleader for my small town football team, and always my mom. It’s funny when you can look back and find inspiration in a PAST version of yourself. 8 weeks post-partum, I have big goals for my health and fitness, and that FIRST goal is getting back to my pre-baby #3 weight and toning up. I’ve always heard that it’s so much harder getting off the baby weight after your third child. I’m not ready to accept that just yet. Will it be easy?? Probably not. BUT, I’m always up for a challenge. Want to join me? Click here for Challenge details.