Why I am a Beachbody Coach

2014-09-26 10.32.16

When I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach, I did it for the discount. **Gasp*** I was familiar with similar companies and knew that by signing up, I could save money. Who doesn’t want to save money every month?? I had no idea that I would see GREAT results with Beachbody products (Shakeology and programs), I would have a huge support system to hold me accountable, and I would get to spread the Beachbody love and help other women on their own health and fitness journey. What a gift!

Two years later, I look back, and I’m so thankful for the spur of the moment decision to login and signup! Here are the top TEN reasons I LOVE being a coach. (and you might too)

10. 25% savings on ALL products
9. 25% commission on customer sales
8. FREE customers/leads every month
7. Monthly competitions (Success Club) where you can win fun prizes
6. Trips throughout the year to celebrate your success and learn more (Counting down until Cancun- Spring 2015)
5. Up-to-date info on new products & the opportunity to try them first
4. Access DAILY to the #1 Coach in the network & all of her amazing trainings
3. Being a part of The Bombshell Dynasty (the top team in the company)
2. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones & getting to be a part of their journey to better themselves— SOOOO rewarding!
1. Having the opportunity to DREAM big and contribute more than I ever imaged financially to my family… all for working out, staying in shape, and helping others!


Sound like something you might like?? Click here for more info or to SIGNUP! :)

The Mind of a Mom

Ahhhhh! Have you ever heard that saying, “going a million miles a minute?” If so, you’ve accurately described the mind of a mom. So many times, I have a clear to-do list, and a plan, but somewhere along the way, I fall off track. WAY off track to be exact.

This morning, after a real, sleep-through-the-night from our twelve week old, I woke up refreshed and ready to go. (and- BONUS points- I even pumped before the baby woke up!) Somewhere between pumping, feeding the baby, feeding the girls, making sure backpacks were packed, dropping the girls off at school, and feeding the baby when I got home, I forgot what I NEEDED to do, and just how I planned to do it. So, I’m here. Scatter-brained and eager to tackle the day.

There is nothing in the world more rewarding than being a mom, but sometimes it’s draining… by 9:00a. Let me tell you what I’ve found that works for me, and that, my friends, is public accountability. If I have a to-do list and no one knows what I’m supposed to be doing, it MIGHT not get done. In fact, it probably won’t. So, who WILL hold me accountable?? My husband, my challengers, and my friends on social media.

I’ve heard people complain about workout posts, plate pictures, and all the challenge group invitations, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. You know what bothers me?? Not finding like-minded people to be surrounded by, and NOT reaching my full potential- as a mom, wife, friend, daughter… and WOMAN!

So, that mind of mine, that goes one million miles a minute… This week, I’m breaking it down and making it simple. I’m setting goals this Monday morning, and I’m going to share them with the people that WILL hold me accountable. Want to hear what I plan to tick off this busy mind of mine on this Monday morning?

  • Housekeeping schedule for the week (the not fun part)
  • This week’s workout Plan (Hello, 21 Day Fix… I’m coming for YOU!)
  • Cardio Fix (today’s workouts of choice)
  • Two loads of laundry
  • October Challenge Invites (it’s so much more fun when you have friends along for the ride)
  • Outdoor stroll with Marcus

Once that list is made, the mind is so much calmer! So, make a list, check it twice and share it with your friends. I can’t wait to hear your successes this week! I know you can do it!

5 Faves (Daily Necessities)

5 Faves 9-19

I’m always curious what other people’s go-to products, must-have groceries, daily workouts, and favorite stores are, so my guess is you are curious too! Today, I’m sharing five “beauty products” I use daily, no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going.

1. A Chi Round-brush: Because I almost always wear my hair short, I use a smaller brush. The 1.5″ brush is perfect for drying my hair when it’s wet, or styling it when it’s dry and needs new life. I typically clip up my hair on top and start drying my hair from the bottom layers up. This adds volume and makes it easier for me to style.

2. Neutrogena face wipes:  Let’s all be honest. I don’t always feel like scrubbing my face before bed, and if I don’t shower in the morning, I often want the quickest fix. These make-up removing wipes leave my face feeling fresh and clean, without any weird film like some wipes do. These are a must-have in my vanity.

3. I’m sure you’ve seen friend’s promoting Nerium on your Facebook page. It really is as great as they tell you it is! I have been using it for 6+ months, and I absolutely love it. The day cream is light and refreshing, and your makeup goes on smooth over it, and the night cream tightens and brightens your skin. (I’m not sure which one is my favorite) The great thing about this product is there’s more than enough for one month of use in each shipment, so you can share, or you can hold your autoship. Reach out to that friend you saw posting about it, and give it a try. It’s definitely worth the money.

4. I don’t wear foundation every day, but I have found one that I love that is super cheap! Revlon Photo Ready goes on easily, smooths evenly, and it really does cover well. When I am wanting extra coverage, it’s a must, and then I apply my makeup as normal over it. I wear it lightly, but it feels like you could build on a light layer for more coverage, without getting cakey.

5. Mac’s “In Extreme Dimension Lash”: If I had to pick ONE makeup item, it would definitely be mascara. I don’t have BIG eyes, so I depend on it to open my eyes and make them wider and brighter. I’ve tried every mascara out there, and this one is my favorite. Not only does it go on easily in just a few coats, it stays on, and keeps my lashes looking both long and think. It’s most definitely my favorite go-to product, and no matter how many others I try, I always come back!

Baked Egg Muffins

2014-09-15 12.06.04

We do EASY at our house. Between having two kids in school, a new baby, and crazy hours with my husband’s job, it’s the only option. What I figured out a couple of years ago, is that easy doesn’t have to mean bland or unhealthy, and the best way to handle nutrition in our house is cooking food that will last for several meals and can be reheated. These easy, baked eggs tick off all the boxes! They are perfect for any meal of the day and they are easy to switch up.

What you need-

  1. A muffin tin
  2. Olive oil spray
  3. A dozen eggs
  4. Protein of your choice (I used lean ground beef here)
  5. Veggies of your choice (chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, etc)
  6. Cheese
  7. Salsa
  • Cook or brown and season your protein (ground beef, bacon, steak, etc.)
  • Lightly spray the muffin tin with Olive Oil spray. (Check ingredients… The best ones just have olive oil)
  • Divide your ground beef/protein and veggies evenly in each muffin opening.
  • Crack an egg in each of the twelve muffin molds on top of the protein of your choice. (My hubby likes his this way. I prefer to scramble the eggs and pour them in the tin.)
  • Top each egg with cheese and the seasoning of your choice. These ingredients can also be mixed in if you choose to scramble your eggs.
  • Bake on 350 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Let cool and enjoy or store in the fridge. (PS- every thing is better with salsa on top)

I don’t want to

I don't want to

Well, I’ve figured out something SHOCKING! (not really) When I hear my inner voice telling me “I don’t have time,” “it’s not that important,” or “I can do it later”…. that probably means I need to do it RIGHT NOW!

It’s funny how that works. We are well aware of the things we need to do to be successful in every aspect of our lives, but the one person that is in control of what we actually do (that would be YOU), can sure talk us out of it in a heartbeat.

Want to hear what I’ve been putting on the back burner in recent weeks??

  • Regular workouts (I’ve been sporadic at BEST)
  • Clean eating 80% of the time
  • Tracking my food in Myfitnesspal (if you see those glaring bad choices, it’s SO much more real)
  • Allowing myself to ask for support and to be held accountable

The crazy thing is, I can certainly motivate others to do all of those things, but it’s a different ballgame these days motivating myself. My excuses are GOOD, y’all! I have an infant and two school aged children, I’m exhausted, packing and moving has taken all of my time… and the list goes ON!

I’m over it, though. My new “I don’t want to” is “I don’t want to lose myself”… and, I’m not going to! So, I’m back to asking for support and accountability for myself. I’m back to scheduling workouts and a to-do list for the day, I’m back to meal planning and NOT eating out, and I’m back to ending the day PROUD of my accomplishments. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to ditch the excuses.