21 Day Fix Results

Whoa, I just realized I never posted my 21 Day Fix results. I’m losing it. Actually, I’ve been LOSING sleep…. and my brain has NOT been functioning properly.

When I don’t sleep well at night because the baby is waking up MULTIPLE times, I’m exhausted after I drop off the girls, and I am PROBABLY going to sleep when the baby does. What does that mean I miss?? You know… important things- like morning workouts, eating properly (really, just eating ENOUGH), and sharing my journey on social media!

So, because you’ve been asking, HERE they are!

2014-11-05 10.04.06

(Click Image to purchase 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack)

I can not say enough great things about this program. It’s the REAL deal. You get a complete fitness program, nutritional guides, portion control, and group support. SERIOUSLY. It’s easy. The workouts are done in thirty minute. There are NO questions about your nutrition!! It JUST makes sense.

So, in honor of getting SLEEP last night, I’m opening my December Challenge Group for MOMMIES!!! Want to know the deal?

  • Who: All moms needing to lose 10-25lbs
  • What: 21 Day Challenge Group w/ 30 Minute Workouts
  • When: Starts December 1st
  • Where: Online SECRET Facebook Group