Love is Time

Let me start this by saying, I highly recommend marrying someone who balances out your weaknesses. In my case, I married someone who is smarter than me, more focused than me, and MUCH more patient. It makes life so much more enjoyable, and I am thankful EVERY DAY for my husband. <3

Yesterday, I was listening to a conversation Luke was having with our almost-nine-year-old, Madeline. She was telling him how much she LOVED to sleep-in, and that she wished she could sleep-in every day. While she was talking, I was thinking, “ME TOO! You finally get it.” I LOVE to sleep, and I don’t feel like I ever get enough of it, thanks to our adorable six-month-old who loves his middle-of-the-night dates with his mommy.

As always, Luke sat back and listened, then began asking Madeline questions. (I often miss the important lesson in things, because I either start talking, or I rush right through it all! Sound familiar?) After Madeline went on about her love for sleeping, Luke started the calculations. If she were to sleep-in ONE HOUR on Saturday for the next eighty years, she would sleep an extra 52 hours a year and 4,160 hours in her lifetime. That is 173 DAYS OF SLEEP.

Whoa. 173 days GONE…. and, I think getting just ONE HOUR extra of sleep a week is a great UNDER estimate over a lifetime. (Hello, teenage years!) I started thinking back over the past six months. When I’ve put Marcus down to nap, I’ve often climbed right back in bed with him. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I typically feed the baby, then hand him over to my husband. If I were to make an HONEST (under) estimate, I sleep at least one hour more than I need to a DAY! So, in the past six months, I’ve slept away a minimum of seven hours a week, 28 hours a month, and 168 hours in six months. Friends, that is SEVEN DAYS that I have slept away in SIX MONTHS.

While, this may be an overload of numbers to some of you, it stops me in my tracks (and got me out of bed when Marcus woke up this morning). I have slept away SEVEN DAYS in six months. Seven days that I could have been spending time with my family. Seven days that I could have been doing something to better our lives. Seven days that I could have been taking action to SHOW the people I love just how much I love them. LOVE IS TIME. At the end of our life, we don’t get to take anything with us, but we DO get to leave the people we love with the time we have spent with them.

This year, I have big plans to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend… I’m not exactly sure how I will accomplish that goal, but those plans all have one thing in common. I plan to spend more time LOVING on the people that matter most. LOVE IS TIME, and I intend to spend more of it playing outside with my family, having lunch with the girls at school, being fully present when my husband and I are together, visiting family & friends more frequently, and doing less for ME and more for THEM.