Following the Modifier

10450857_615997121878553_8706257952297408514_nI often have challengers ask me what will happen if they do modifications in their workout.

Well, NEWSFLASH!!! You CAN get results following the modifier.These BEORE & AFTER photos are from one round of the 21 Day Fix and seven weeks of Insanity Max:30, and I’ve followed the modifier for EVERY workout. I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again… I HATE cardio. I don’t jump. I take breaks when I need to. I sometimes feel like I am going to die doing Max:30, and almost 100% of the time, I follow the modifier.

Listen to your body. If you can push yourself, do it. If you feel like you can’t jump up and down or do hard-core cardio, don’t. If you want to do your pushups on your knees, then do. You are getting a workout doing ANYTHING more than NOT WORKING OUT, and the modifications in these programs are still amazing workouts.

Remember, the trainers who design these programs are MASTER TRAINERS. They are experts in their field. There are test groups that go on for months or years to perfect the program, so that you can get the BEST results, and the modifications in each program are planned at the same time.

Stop second guessing yourself. Stop making excuses. If you need modifications, USE them! The newer programs have an even cooler feature. They have a split screen for the modifications, so it’s even easier to follow.

You are capable of pushing yourself for so much MORE… and MORE might mean a new workout program WITH modifications for you!

Positive Affirmations

カラフルなメモ用紙This is one of my ALL time favorite assignments in my Challenge Groups. Seriously, month after month, it NEVER gets old.

Do you know what a positive affirmation is, really?? If we were going to get super technical, I would post THIS definition:

  1. Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive [clarification needed] thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” Merriam‑Webster

Make sense?! A positive affirmation is the SELF talk you need to have going on every day to remind you just how great you REALLY are…. EVEN if you don’t believe it just yet.

In the first Challenge Group I was in, almost three years ago, I think my three positive affirmations looked something like this:

1. I LOOK good in a bikini.

2. I LOVE to workout, and I never miss a planned workout.

3. I am healthy, happy and strong.

Well, let me tell you something… I did not look good in a bikini at the time. I did not love to workout. I missed more of those planned workouts than I should have, AND… while I was happy at home, I was NOT happy with myself or my body, and I was pretty flipping WEAK.

Guess what, though? I stuck those post-it notes up in my closet, in my car, and on the refrigerator, and I saw them multiple times a day. Guess what else? I started to believe ALL of those things? Guess what else else? :) THEY ALL BECAME TRUE in time. I DID look good in a bikini. I began to LOVE working out. I NEVER skipped my planned workouts, and I WAS happy, healthy and strong.

THIS WORKS, PEOPLE! If no one else believes in you, YOU STILL have the power to believe in yourself. Set goals. Dream BIG.

Write down THREE positive affirmations right now— put them somewhere you will see them throughout the day. Read them and say them out loud to yourself every SINGLE day.

Once you KNOW what your positive affirmations are, you have to do some reverse engineering to figure out how to make it happen. WHAT is it going to take to meet your goals? My three affirmations went hand-in-hand, and were all health and fitness related, so it was a little easier to figure out. If your affirmation is “I am a millionaire,” you’re going to have to start doing things millionaires do and work towards that goal. I’m pretty sure that you saying “I am a millionaire” every day is NOT going to get you a great, big raise. So, figure out how to make it happen, and GO AFTER YOUR GOALS.

I would love to hear what your affirmations are, and I can not wait to see you make them a reality! <3

Life With a Child With Allergies


I think a lot of times, people have NO IDEA what life with a child with allergies is like. This TIMEHOP photo brings back so many thoughts and emotions. Ellis was 18 months old and SICK. It seemed like she had every food allergy possible, was allergic to anything outdoors, her skin itched and bled, her hair grew in and fell out in clumps because of her eczema. She looked sick, and she was WHINY and needy because she was MISERABLE.

THIS photo reminds me why our healthy lifestyle is soooo important, and it brings me to tears because of the power we have as parents to change a child’s life through our habits. 

She dealt with these issues for YEARS, and it took finding a GREAT doctor and many lifestyle changes to get her well.

We still deal with flare ups. We still take medication, but not NEAR as much. We still deal with outside influences who don’t prioritize a healthy lifestyle. We still deal with her frustrations because she is different than most kids. We still have our hearts broken when she is self conscience of her skin or having a notice reminding parents of the “Nut Allergy in Classroom” on things that come home.

We still deal with this every day…. Life with a child with allergies is not easy, but with the right changes, it’s NOW controlled, she’s happy, confident, and SOOOO FLIPPING smart in her decisions regarding her health at SEVEN years old. We still wish she didn’t have to deal with this every day, but dang it… The picture of her this week, healthy, happy and active… Makes me SOOOOO HAPPY.

Your child may not have food or outdoor allergies… They may deal with low self esteem, childhood obesity, or learning disabilities. Whatever those issues are… Be their biggest supporter, fight for answers, and stand up for them when someone doesn’t treat them fairly. Not only are you their voice… You are TEACHING THEM HOW they are supposed to feel about themselves and the people they love most.

That is powerful.

Never Miss a Monday

Colorful Watercolor Rose Floral Greeting CardI’ve heard a lot of different viewpoints on prioritizing Monday over other days of the week. One side says it’s important to make Monday count- no missing workouts, no starting the week without cleaning up any weekend cheat meals and getting your diet on track. The other side says don’t be too hard on yourself; you can’t put more pressure on yourself on Monday… AND you have all week to get back on track!

Let me tell you what happens when I let my excuses win on Monday. I am OFF the rest of the week, and I find myself scrambling to catch up on the weekend, or I have to roll a workout into the next week. I end up FURIOUS at myself for not holding myself accountable to my commitments.

The program I am doing right now is ONLY five days of workouts, so if I get everything in on the planned days, I am FREE on the weekend to be present with my family, and I don’t have those missed workouts haunting me Saturday and Sunday. Inevidably, I miss a workout during the week, or I am unable to finish it because of sick kids, my husband’s games, or something that comes up, and that ends up being ok. 98% of the time, I can get that missed workout in on the weekend, and I’m ready for the next week.

When I skip a Monday, I can almost guarantee you, I’m going to have something come up another day, and I will have MORE than one workout that I am behind. If I don’t eat clean on Monday, I’m MUCH more likely to cheat on Tuesday, which follows me right on through the week.

Monday is my MINDSET day. I get myself organized for the week, and I commit to both having my nutrition in check and getting five workouts in. When I let my excuses win on Monday, that QUITTER’S voice follows me around ALL week long. My diet is not as clean, I halfway do my workouts, or I don’t get them in at all.

What I’ve learned the past six weeks, doing Insanity Max:30 is I DO NOT have time to miss a Monday workout. For me, it is the most important day of the week because it sets the tone for every other day. When I come out of the gate STRONG and focused, the remainder of my week is better, and I find more success in everything I do.

Never miss a Monday. I’m about to get up, start my workout, and fuel my body with whole foods.


I Can do Hard Things

2015-02-12 11.13.27

Three months postpartum on left – Day THIRTY Max30

The truth is, I prefer not to push myself outside of my comfort zone. This is pretty hard to admit, but I’m going to be real with you. For most of my life, I was comfortable just taking the easy way out. It worked. I could do the bare minimum and pass classes, get accepted to college, graduate, be a good teacher and an excellent sales rep. Looking back, if I PUSHED myself out of my comfort zone and believed I could do hard things… I could have been EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL. Ouch. That hurts.

After Marcus was born, I decided I wasn’t happy just being! While it worked for 32 years, I wanted more, and I KNEW my family deserved more.

A lot of times, you don’t immediately see the results of your hard work and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes a lot of effort.

When Shaun T’s Insanity Max:30 came out, I thought there was NO way that I WOULD DO THAT! I hate cardio. Not a little. I hate it a whole lot.

Some little voice inside my head started with the positive self talk… I kept hearing I CAN DO HARD THINGS. So, I decided I was going all in.

I was going to order the program. I was going to START the program. I was going to do every freaking workout. :) And, I have!

Let me tell you the coolest part of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s not really the changes I’ve seen in my body. It’s the mindset I now have. I can do hard things, and it feels SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!

I have not skipped a single workout, and I’m on the SECOND week of month two. Let me be clear with you—- That’s kind of not the whole truth. I HAVE skipped workouts on the day they were assigned, but I have ALWAYS made them up before the week’s end.

I have not given 100% in EVERY workout. Sometimes, I’m tired. Sometimes, I’m sore. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is workout. BUT, dang it… I did it. Giving 87% (ha) in a workout for THIRTY minutes is certainly better than not doing it.

I can do hard things, and I’ve decided from this point forward, I’m going to keep doing them. I’m going to push myself physically. Push my business and MY COACHES. Push my relationship with my husband to be EVEN better. Push my kids to be the best possible little people. I’m going to keep on doing hard things and celebrating my successes.


2015-02-12 11.14.02

Day ONE Max30 – Day THIRTY Max30