Max:30 Results

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(Day 1 Insanity Max:30 & Day 60 Insanity Max:30)

So, as a mom of THREE (gosh, that still sounds like a lot of kids), I really wasn’t sure if I would EVER get my pre-baby body back. I set some (unrealistic) goals for myself, and basically, I failed! I wanted to be back at my pre-Marcus weight in three months. THAT did not happen. In fact, I didn’t even really start my transformation until he was close to three months old.

I started slow, but I was steady! I did the 21 Day Fix, without focusing 100% on the meal plan, and I saw great results. After I finished that, I kept hearing a voice in my head, pushing me to do Max:30. Me??? DO Insanity MAX:30?!

A few things. I HATE cardio. I hate cardio… AND, I HATE CARDIO. I honestly don’t know why I bought the program, BUT I did.

Not only did I buy the program, I did EVERY single workout. If I missed a day, I made it up. I modified every workout for weeks, and even at the end, I was still modifying lots of moves, listening to my body. There’s NOTHING wrong with that.

I gained endurance, I lost fat, and I built muscle. I only lost 3 pounds, which sounds crazy, but my body changed drastically. I loved the program. Shaun T can always push me through a workout, and if you are doing ANY of his programs, you are going to get results.

I am SO happy with my Insanity Max:30 results; I know, without a doubt, I’ll be coming back to the program for MORE! I loved that it was only thirty minutes, five days a week… and that when I was DONE with each workout, I felt like I had accomplished something HUGE. I’m NOT at my goal weight. My skin will never be as tight as it was pre-babies… and my stretch marks will not go away, BUT I love being able to workout at home, get results, and get excited for whatever is next.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Badge #1

Studies prove over and over again…. That when you let people know your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. As silly as it sounds, accountability pushes you to push yourself and get closer to your goal. If there is no one pushing you to do better, you are more likely to do more of the same!

I love the excitement of a new program and a new Challenge Group. I THRIVE on having a black and white plan, knowing a start date and end date, and more than anything, knowing I have a group of women checking in with me every day. THAT works for me!

I think it’s KEY to your success to share that you’re committed to being BETTER. ASK FOR SUPPORT, and welcome people to join you!

Nothing is more fun that surrounding yourself with a community of friends that will encourage you, push you, and hold you accountable.

I’m doing my last week of Max:30 right now, then I’m starting The 21 Day Fix Extreme. I got great results with the original 21 Day Fix, so I’m looking forward to pushing myself even harder. Challenge Accepted. I’m committed to a better me in 30 days.

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Let’s DO THIS!