Self Control Equals Self LOVE

2015-06-15 12.42.17-2

Patting my own back this morning. Luke had a flat tire, so our routine was thrown off, dropping his car at Discount Tire.

I was starving, and I do not do starving well. Today is Day TWO of the 3 Day Refresh, and all I wanted when we drove thru Starbucks was coffee and a bacon, egg and Gouda sandwich. Luke got me one without thinking, and as we sat in the car, feeding Marcus, I thought of every reason WHY I could have it.

By the time his car was ready, and he had already eaten MY sandwich, I was seriously thinking, I could go back through, get one and finish the cleanse later. Seriously, I started it three times, why finish it now. 

Then, I heard what was going on in my head. Seriously. Is there such thing as self peer pressure, because I had that going on.

Anyway, it scared me. Our mind is such a powerful thing. If we can’t control our thoughts, our actions and what we put in our mouth… That’s a problem.

I think in this inner debate, what scared me the most, is my DAUGHTERS look to me to learn self control, self love, and commitment. They weren’t with me this morning, but DANG IT… If I can’t control my own tiny actions, how can I expect them to make smart decisions.

This huge inner debate over a freaking breakfast sandwich was so enlightening to me.

You have to believe in yourself. You have to be willing to push through discomfort. (Hunger is extreme discomfort to me). You have to be willing to forgive yourself of your mistakes and start over when you mess up.

Y’all, don’t give up on yourself. Stop the excuses. Push past what you THOUGHT was your breaking point.

All this decision did was remind me that NO one is in charge of my health, my body, or my happiness… But me. Self control equals self love!

Cheers to celebrating the tiniest of wins, skipping what I wanted and sticking to what I needed. WIN- Shakeology for breakfast, on track with my cleanse. NEXT- Morning workout… Coming up! 

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

Celebrating a few wins in my challenge groups this morning. The cool thing about these groups… They are perfect for EVERYONE— someone who just wants to tone up or someone who wants to lose a lot of weight.


Wins I’m seeing this morning?
-20lbs lost since January
-23lbs and 25lbs lost in a month
-Higher, tighter legs and booty in 21 Days (21 Day Fix Extreme Results)
-More energy, loving their 30 minute workouts 

Seriously. There are fad diets and quick fixes everywhere you look. They don’t work longterm! A little effort in meal prep and thirty minutes a day… You can change your mind and body for the long term!

Heather is one of my challengers and coaches. Check out her 21 day results… Just in time for bikini season! I’m so proud of you, Heather!!

How close are you to the goals you set 21 days ago? A month ago? At the new year?

Fitness Journey

2015-04-13 08.22.30I love TimeHop.

When I have new challengers, I can’t stress enough to them JUST HOW doable these programs are. It’s not one of those things with a start and end date. It’s a continual fitness journey… A lifestyle.

I’ve had highs and lows. Completed programs 100% and halfway done others. The one thing that’s been consistent is the support I get DAILY from Challenge Groups… Even as a coach.

When I started this journey three years ago, I really had no idea where it would go. No idea I would still be HERE… And this would be my job… But I’m so incredibly thankful it is.

Three years. From a busy sales career to a stay at home mom/coach. Texas to Oklahoma. New baby. New house. New favorite program(s). No gym membership. No monthly fees. Same at home workouts. Same nutrient dense shake.

The best decision I made was saying YES to a Challenge Group when I had no idea what it was… Haha.

I love that no matter what changes in our life… THIS remains the same.

Thankful I said YES to change and a better me.

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