Non-Scale Victories

NSV post

I LOVE celebrating WINS with my coaches and my challengers. These non-scale victories are extra fun, because, SERIOUSLY, who doesn’t love shopping for new jeans?! This Challenger is an avid runner, and, truthfully, she is an athlete. Most people would look at her and think she’s in great shape already… Why is she in a Challenge Group?! The most incredible thing about these groups is the women that are there daily to support you, to hold you accountable & PUSH you when you don’t think you can do it. Your goal may be to tone up, lose ten pounds, or lose 100! These groups are for YOU!!! Did you know the average person GAINS EIGHT pounds over the holidays?! Not you. Not this year!! Are you looking for a plan to keep you on track and going into the new year strong?! I have a support group starting MONDAY, and I would love you to join me. 

✔Complete Meal plan/Nutrition Guide
✔30 minute workouts
✔Color Coded Containers for Portion Control
✔Nutrient Dense SUPERFOOD Shake

INTERESTED. Now is YOUR TIME!! Shoot me an email at or CLICK HERE to apply!

Failure is not an Option

Failure is NOT an OptionI remember years ago, when I just went with the flow, wherever that might take me. I gave a little bit of effort, but I never PUSHED myself past my comfort level. The worst part is, because I didn’t have BIG goals set in stone, I never felt the harsh reality of failure. I think sometimes, to protect ourselves, we are ok staying average and blending into the middle of the pack. Not any more.

Today, I see life much differently. I know that I am in total control of my successes, my financial goals, and where we end up in life. I’m not ok being just average. I want my children to experience the world, to take last minute trips, to study abroad, seeing the amazing sights of different countries and tasting the favorite cuisines of different cultures. I want them to know what their body is capable of, and I want to see them give their all in the sports they love. I want my children to BELIEVE they are capable of anything, if they work hard enough, and that they can have high standards for friends and relationships, because those are ALL options.

Because I now understand the power of goal setting and vision, I believe without a doubt, that failure is NOT an option. In the past year, just slightly tweaking a few old mindsets, our life has changed! Here are the FIVE things that are a MUST if you want to move towards big, scary goals, and a life of achievement.

1. SET GOALS WITH AN END DATE: A goal doesn’t matter much if you don’t know when you are going to achieve it. If you want to be a millionaire, you need to know when! Earning a million dollars by 90 years old is a LOT different than earning it by the time you are 50. That’s a lot of life you are going to miss out on living, by not setting an end date and doing daily actions to get you there.

2. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE SMARTER & MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU: If you are the smartest, most successful person in the room, that doesn’t give you a lot of room for growth. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. You have a lot to learn from someone who has already been down the path you want to go down. Ask questions. Be willing to change. Learn something new every day.

3. CREATE A VISION BOARD THAT SHOWS WHAT YOUR LIFE LOOKS LIKE WHEN YOUR GOALS ARE ACHIEVED AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS: If YOU can’t envision what the life of your dreams is going to look like, how are you ever going to be driven enough to achieve it. You need to be reminded every day what your “freedom” looks and feels like. Once you’ve created it, share it with others, so they can hold you accountable. As you complete a goal, check it off and create a new one.

4. BE COMMITTED TO CONSTANTLY LEARNING: I HATED personal development this time last year. I thought I was a confident enough person, I didn’t need it. Truthfully, confidence isn’t all you need. You need to always be learning, growing, and taking in information so that you can SHARE that with others, as you grow. If you aren’t growing, you will have NOTHING to give, and a leader/achiever always needs to be giving.

5. MAKE SURE YOUR LOVED ONES UNDERSTAND YOUR GOALS AND VISION: First of all, finding success, and reaching goals, isn’t nearly as much fun alone. Share your dreams and WHY you are working so hard on your business. Tell them why you are going back to school to finish your degree. Explain to them why you are trying to grow in your faith. Make sure they understand the importance of your physical transformation and becoming healthy. Let them in on what is driving you and what you want for your family’s future. Take them on the journey with you, so they understand your long hours, and they will REALLY appreciate YOU reaching your goals even more.

Make the decision that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, and make your dreams a reality.

Part-Time Coach. Full-Time EXTRA Income.

Sept Income Invite

My parents always told me it wasn’t polite to talk about money. So, if you are easily offended by that discussion… STOP reading! (Sorry, Mom!) When I signed up to be a coach, honestly, I just wanted the discount. Who doesn’t want to save money on a product you are buying anyway, right? What I quickly found was, that for me, Beachbody was LESS about workout programs and transformations and more about community and relationships. I was desperate for that.

Through my first Challenge Group, I found acceptance, support, and the encouragement I needed to be a BETTER version of myself. I wanted to share THAT feeling, that community, and the possibilities that came with being a part of it. I wanted to pay it forward and be a coach!

It’s been an incredible journey, experiencing the reward of helping others, and the freedom that comes with extra income. For the first couple of years, the money went towards things that were non-necessities; spa visits, vacations, shopping trips we didn’t necessarily need, the girls’ private school tuition, etc. Then, came the REAL freedom. Because of Beachbody, I was able to stay home with Marcus for the first year of his life. I never had to drop my infant at daycare. I never had to wake him up because I had to be at school to teach someone else’s child at 8:00a, and I didn’t have to leave the house at the crack of dawn to make a sales call 200 miles away. I got to be there for EVERY second of his life, and every one of his FIRSTS. This opportunity truly gave me freedom in the MOST incredible sense. Freedom to be a mom and a wife first, before any other obligation. When I looked at my September income, the growth from last year was exciting, but what was even CRAZIER… Last month’s income was the SAME income I made monthly, working FULL-TIME as a teacher, my first year in the classroom. Whoa.

I’m just an average mom and wife. I don’t have a degree in fitness. I am not a nutritionist or trainer; I simply LOVE helping other women lose weight, learn healthy habits, find confidence, and feel better in their own skin. I get to do that every, single day, part-time, and I am rewarded for it.

I could not be MORE excited to pay this forward and to help you build a business that gives you freedom, whatever that means to you! Do you want to be more present in your child’s life? Do you want to have the extra income to give your family real life EXPERIENCES? Do you want to travel the world and not worry about how you are going to pay for it? Do you simply want to have the accountability to really commit to your own physical transformation? Freedom is different for each one of us, but this new freedom that my family has… there is NOT a price tag you can put on it!

I am ready to mentor FIVE new coaches this month. If you are READY for a change, ready to RISE to empower others, and ready for the freedom this opportunity can give you, I want to talk to YOU! Please CLICK HERE to fill out the application to join the RISE DYNASTY.

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.