5 Faves (Daily Necessities)

5 Faves 9-19

I’m always curious what other people’s go-to products, must-have groceries, daily workouts, and favorite stores are, so my guess is you are curious too! Today, I’m sharing five “beauty products” I use daily, no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going.

1. A Chi Round-brush: Because I almost always wear my hair short, I use a smaller brush. The 1.5″ brush is perfect for drying my hair when it’s wet, or styling it when it’s dry and needs new life. I typically clip up my hair on top and start drying my hair from the bottom layers up. This adds volume and makes it easier for me to style.

2. Neutrogena face wipes:  Let’s all be honest. I don’t always feel like scrubbing my face before bed, and if I don’t shower in the morning, I often want the quickest fix. These make-up removing wipes leave my face feeling fresh and clean, without any weird film like some wipes do. These are a must-have in my vanity.

3. I’m sure you’ve seen friend’s promoting Nerium on your Facebook page. It really is as great as they tell you it is! I have been using it for 6+ months, and I absolutely love it. The day cream is light and refreshing, and your makeup goes on smooth over it, and the night cream tightens and brightens your skin. (I’m not sure which one is my favorite) The great thing about this product is there’s more than enough for one month of use in each shipment, so you can share, or you can hold your autoship. Reach out to that friend you saw posting about it, and give it a try. It’s definitely worth the money.

4. I don’t wear foundation every day, but I have found one that I love that is super cheap! Revlon Photo Ready goes on easily, smooths evenly, and it really does cover well. When I am wanting extra coverage, it’s a must, and then I apply my makeup as normal over it. I wear it lightly, but it feels like you could build on a light layer for more coverage, without getting cakey.

5. Mac’s “In Extreme Dimension Lash”: If I had to pick ONE makeup item, it would definitely be mascara. I don’t have BIG eyes, so I depend on it to open my eyes and make them wider and brighter. I’ve tried every mascara out there, and this one is my favorite. Not only does it go on easily in just a few coats, it stays on, and keeps my lashes looking both long and think. It’s most definitely my favorite go-to product, and no matter how many others I try, I always come back!