I Can do Hard Things

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Three months postpartum on left – Day THIRTY Max30

The truth is, I prefer not to push myself outside of my comfort zone. This is pretty hard to admit, but I’m going to be real with you. For most of my life, I was comfortable just taking the easy way out. It worked. I could do the bare minimum and pass classes, get accepted to college, graduate, be a good teacher and an excellent sales rep. Looking back, if I PUSHED myself out of my comfort zone and believed I could do hard things… I could have been EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL. Ouch. That hurts.

After Marcus was born, I decided I wasn’t happy just being! While it worked for 32 years, I wanted more, and I KNEW my family deserved more.

A lot of times, you don’t immediately see the results of your hard work and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes a lot of effort.

When Shaun T’s Insanity Max:30 came out, I thought there was NO way that I WOULD DO THAT! I hate cardio. Not a little. I hate it a whole lot.

Some little voice inside my head started with the positive self talk… I kept hearing I CAN DO HARD THINGS. So, I decided I was going all in.

I was going to order the program. I was going to START the program. I was going to do every freaking workout. :) And, I have!

Let me tell you the coolest part of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s not really the changes I’ve seen in my body. It’s the mindset I now have. I can do hard things, and it feels SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!

I have not skipped a single workout, and I’m on the SECOND week of month two. Let me be clear with you—- That’s kind of not the whole truth. I HAVE skipped workouts on the day they were assigned, but I have ALWAYS made them up before the week’s end.

I have not given 100% in EVERY workout. Sometimes, I’m tired. Sometimes, I’m sore. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is workout. BUT, dang it… I did it. Giving 87% (ha) in a workout for THIRTY minutes is certainly better than not doing it.

I can do hard things, and I’ve decided from this point forward, I’m going to keep doing them. I’m going to push myself physically. Push my business and MY COACHES. Push my relationship with my husband to be EVEN better. Push my kids to be the best possible little people. I’m going to keep on doing hard things and celebrating my successes.


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Day ONE Max30 – Day THIRTY Max30

Throw Back to my first Transformation

Every now and then, I’ll have someone tell me ask how I got started on this journey. And, EVERY, every now and then, I’ll have someone tell me I was NEVER fat, so I can’t understand a REAL transformation.

They’re semi-right about one thing. I was NEVER extremely overweight, but I did have a much higher body fat % that was healthy, and my daily habits were self destructive. While I’ve had really great physical results from multiple programs, those are NOT my biggest transformations.

When I started my first challenge in the spring of 2012, I was out of shape. I weighed more than I considered a healthy weight. I had no muscle tone. My clothes didn’t fit, BUT most of all, I felt lost. I remember when Luke took my before pictures…. I was SOOOO mad at him. I felt certain that I looked the way I did because of the angle he took them at. LOL. I could not just admit, I’d let myself GO!

I was tired. I had so much to be happy about, but I never felt really happy. I felt insecure, and I didn’t feel anything like ME! After a ninety day challenge, I remembered what it felt like to be strong. I remembered what it felt like to be in control of my body and my emotions. I remembered what it felt like to be me.

I’ve had ups and downs in this journey for the past 2.5 years, but I can tell you one thing… When I fall of the healthy wagon, I jump right back on. Sometimes, it’s a day later. Sometimes, it’s a month later. Sometimes, it takes committing to a new program. I know that I will never be perfect, but I’m going to keep on trying to be a better me, and I will always be THANKFUL that I get to help so many of YOU!!


Insanity Max:30

2014-12-27 11.28.06-2

(Click here or on the photo to order)

Sometimes, I wonder what in the world I am thinking when I commit to a new program. Honestly, when this box came in, that’s EXACTLY what I thought. WHY, oh, why, did I order this?? Instead of waiting on the new year, I decided to get started this week, and guess what?? I have been pleasantly surprised.

Is the workout hard?? Oh my goodness… YES!!! I typically don’t enjoy cardio, but Shaun T keeps you engaged, motivated and believing in yourself. I’ve followed the modifier almost the whole time, but hey… that’s ok! I am still able to go longer than I thought I would without MAXINGOUT!

The cool thing about this program is anyone can do it. There is a modifier for each exercise, and for the first time, you can choose a split screen to have the modifier on the screen the whole time. I LOVE that! Your goal is to MAXOUT. What does that mean?? It means you go as hard as you can, even if you follow the modifier, for as long as you can. So, you simply try to beat yourself every time!

After my initial, WHAT WAS I THINKING mindset, I am so excited to be starting my new year off doing Insanity Max:30. It’s good to remember YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! And…. your children can do them with you! Ha. <3
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Challenge Groups Work

Why Challenge Groups Work

When I signed up for my first Challenge Group, I honestly had NO idea what I was signing up to do. I didn’t know my coach. I had never heard of Shakeology. I knew NOTHING about Beachbody, and the only programs I had heard of were P90X and Insanity. Basically, I was desperate for a change, so without knowing what I was committing to, I said YES (and paid with a credit card).

That was 2.5 years ago, and other than the occasional lift in the garage with Luke, every workout I have done since then has been one I’ve followed on a DVD.

I’ve always been relatively active, and while I’ve never been obese, my weight fluctuated greatly, but more than anything, I was miserable underneath the size 4 clothes I was wearing… Because I was nowhere near healthy.

The first thirty days of the Challenge Group, I didn’t see a lot of change, and THAT is because I wasn’t fully ready to change. I was still doing a lot of fast food lunches and running in the gas station for not-so-healthy snacks. When I realized the program wasn’t going to work unless I did, I committed to giving it my all for the next sixty days, and I was blown away with how well it worked when I DID!

So, what makes Challenge Groups so successful??

There’s something magical about a group of women supporting each other and having a place to go where you know you will be cheered on throughout the day. It’s not one thing that makes it work, but I believe it is a combination of these things:

  1. Top of the line fitness programs (with the BEST trainers)
  2. The opportunity to choose a program that fits your interests and goals.
  3. An elite, nutrient-dense meal replacement shake. There is NOTHING else like it on the market.
  4. The most caring community, where you have a safe place to “go” every day for encouragement and support.
  5. Nutrition guides that come with every program designed to work with that individual workout.Basically, you get access to the best trainers, nutritionists and counselors (other challengers) for a FRACTION of the price you would pay for just one of those categories! When you WORK, these Challenge Groups will work for you.

I want to share with you why some of my current challengers keep coming back for more.

Why1 Why2

why3 why4

Want to know more?? Click here to get the 411 and order your Challenge Pack.

I Love The 21 Day Fix


(Click image to order)

When I was released from the doctor to workout, six weeks after having Marcus, I thought I knew what program I wanted to do… PIYO. I started the program, and I loved it, BUT there was something really missing for me at that particular time in my journey: weights and nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, I could see results within a week of starting PIYO, but it wasn’t the right time for me to do the program. I needed MORE than just a workout program. I could NOT give up sugary sweet baked goods, and I felt bored doing body weight exercises every day.

21 day fix containers

I decided, because of the cool color-coded containers, and results I had seen my challengers have over my pregnancy, I would start the 21 Day Fix and go all in. The fact that it was JUST 21 days also appealed to me. I love that I can accomplish something in a short amount of time, then decide what I want to do after completing the 21 days. Have I ever told you, I get bored EASILY?


With a week behind me (ten days to be exact), I can tell you I am in love with this program, and I don’t know if I will switch to anything else any time soon. Week one, I slacked on workouts over the weekend, as well as missing some of my fruit and veggie containers because we were traveling and staying with family. I STILL saw a five pound weightloss… Hip, hip hooray!

2014-10-14 10.55.03

 (Starting weight 135lbs. End of week 1 weight 131lbs. *** 3.5 months postpartum.)

Week 2, I committed to not missing a workout and finishing ALL of my containers, and I woke up this morning hitting a BIG goal; I am under 130lbs for the first time post-pregnancy. While I only want to lose another 6-8lbs, I have LOTS of toning up to do and regaining muscle mass and core strength.

So, here’s what I love so far.

  1. The workouts are only thirty minutes.
  2. There is NO confusion as to what I should be eating. The cool thing is, you can eat when you want, you just have to follow the container guides… wine and chocolate INCLUDED.
  3. I haven’t been hungry once. SCORE.

So, you might be asking…. What do I need to get started? What’s included in The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack?

  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • Shakeology® shaker cup
  • 6 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts
  • 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar
  • 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do
  • 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn’s secret weapon for fast weight loss
  • Dirty 30 bonus workout
  • 30 Day Supply of Shakeology

2014-09-29 08.47.11

The great thing about this program, is it is EVERYTHING you need EXCEPT your own groceries. You have a program created by a top trainer, a food guide perfected by amazing nutritionists, and amazing support group in your Challenge Groups. I can’t tell you how perfect it really is! If you’re interested in joining my November 3rd Challenge Group, make sure and let me know NOW! The spots are already filling up, and that makes me HAPPY.

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