Faith and Fitness

12771687_10153477968326801_7744392453548254109_oSometimes we get so wrapped up in our “To Do” list that we lose track of what’s important. Today has been ONE of those days I will be glad when it’s OVER. I needed to take a step back, breathe and refocus… And the best place for that is remembering what I’m so thankful for… This picture is a pretty good reminder. 

-God’s grace
-Healthy body 
-Happy home
-Passion for helping others

I’m going to get in a quick workout and get my mind right!!

I’ve decided to do something DIFFERENT in my Challenge Group this month, because I need to REFOCUS on the things that are most important to me. I believe that being HEALTHY takes much more than a good workout and clean eating. So, I’m hosting my first group centered around FAITH and fitness. Not only will we workout, we are going to go through the book, “Made to Crave,” which focuses on shifting our cravings from food and unhealthy habits to our relationship with God! I can’t think of anything more rewarding than learning to love ourselves, have a closer relationship with Christ, and getting healthy!!

I’m so excited about this, and YOU ARE INVITED!! So, here are the details-

✔30 days in a private group
✔Fitness program of your choice
✔Complete nutrition guide
✔Color coded containers for portion control
✔Group support
✔”Made to Crave” book study

I want to keep this group small so it remains intimate! I’m looking for FIVE ladies ready to change their life and give 100% in this group. If you are interested in joining us, CLICK HERE to fill out the application! The group will start next Monday, 2/29!


Life is Good


Gahhhhhh. My ‪#‎mcm‬ EVERY DAY. I seriously never imagined life could be THIS good. I grew up with the BEST Christian role models, who showed us exactly what a marriage was supposed to be like… But I had a lot of BAD relationships, and a failed marriage- with young children- before Luke. No one wants to talk about these things… Total FAILURES… But it’s LIFE, and it makes me so grateful for today. Before Luke and I started dating, I was ready to just be alone… And be a mother to my girls. And… I’m certain he was not ready to get married or have an INSTANT family. Thankfully, God had a better plan than either of us did. Luke is our rock, and the most incredible hubby/father. Our marriage gets stronger and stronger every day, and he makes me a better person. I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt lately as a mother. I work a full time job, and I run a full time coaching business (part-time)- that officially makes more money than my REAL job! To say I am stretched thin, is an understatement. Luke takes on parenting duties, plays with the kids, and does bath time, so I can work on my business AFTER work. He is the greatest support system, but he is also the reasoning behind most decisions we make. Last night, Luke told me he had been thinking about some things we needed to do differently as parents, and I agree with him 100%. Things that had been on my mind and in my heart, he verbalized and put into action. This man is an answered prayer and better than anything I ever imagine. I am thankful for his leadership and the example that he sets for our children every single day. Goodness… I am GRATEFUL. 

Self Control Equals Self LOVE

2015-06-15 12.42.17-2

Patting my own back this morning. Luke had a flat tire, so our routine was thrown off, dropping his car at Discount Tire.

I was starving, and I do not do starving well. Today is Day TWO of the 3 Day Refresh, and all I wanted when we drove thru Starbucks was coffee and a bacon, egg and Gouda sandwich. Luke got me one without thinking, and as we sat in the car, feeding Marcus, I thought of every reason WHY I could have it.

By the time his car was ready, and he had already eaten MY sandwich, I was seriously thinking, I could go back through, get one and finish the cleanse later. Seriously, I started it three times, why finish it now. 

Then, I heard what was going on in my head. Seriously. Is there such thing as self peer pressure, because I had that going on.

Anyway, it scared me. Our mind is such a powerful thing. If we can’t control our thoughts, our actions and what we put in our mouth… That’s a problem.

I think in this inner debate, what scared me the most, is my DAUGHTERS look to me to learn self control, self love, and commitment. They weren’t with me this morning, but DANG IT… If I can’t control my own tiny actions, how can I expect them to make smart decisions.

This huge inner debate over a freaking breakfast sandwich was so enlightening to me.

You have to believe in yourself. You have to be willing to push through discomfort. (Hunger is extreme discomfort to me). You have to be willing to forgive yourself of your mistakes and start over when you mess up.

Y’all, don’t give up on yourself. Stop the excuses. Push past what you THOUGHT was your breaking point.

All this decision did was remind me that NO one is in charge of my health, my body, or my happiness… But me. Self control equals self love!

Cheers to celebrating the tiniest of wins, skipping what I wanted and sticking to what I needed. WIN- Shakeology for breakfast, on track with my cleanse. NEXT- Morning workout… Coming up! 

Life With a Child With Allergies


I think a lot of times, people have NO IDEA what life with a child with allergies is like. This TIMEHOP photo brings back so many thoughts and emotions. Ellis was 18 months old and SICK. It seemed like she had every food allergy possible, was allergic to anything outdoors, her skin itched and bled, her hair grew in and fell out in clumps because of her eczema. She looked sick, and she was WHINY and needy because she was MISERABLE.

THIS photo reminds me why our healthy lifestyle is soooo important, and it brings me to tears because of the power we have as parents to change a child’s life through our habits. 

She dealt with these issues for YEARS, and it took finding a GREAT doctor and many lifestyle changes to get her well.

We still deal with flare ups. We still take medication, but not NEAR as much. We still deal with outside influences who don’t prioritize a healthy lifestyle. We still deal with her frustrations because she is different than most kids. We still have our hearts broken when she is self conscience of her skin or having a notice reminding parents of the “Nut Allergy in Classroom” on things that come home.

We still deal with this every day…. Life with a child with allergies is not easy, but with the right changes, it’s NOW controlled, she’s happy, confident, and SOOOO FLIPPING smart in her decisions regarding her health at SEVEN years old. We still wish she didn’t have to deal with this every day, but dang it… The picture of her this week, healthy, happy and active… Makes me SOOOOO HAPPY.

Your child may not have food or outdoor allergies… They may deal with low self esteem, childhood obesity, or learning disabilities. Whatever those issues are… Be their biggest supporter, fight for answers, and stand up for them when someone doesn’t treat them fairly. Not only are you their voice… You are TEACHING THEM HOW they are supposed to feel about themselves and the people they love most.

That is powerful.

Stop Selling Yourself Short

Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Showing Information And GuidanceStop selling yourself short. Stop telling yourself the things you have to give up. Stop telling yourself you have never been successful in the past. Stop telling yourself that it’s in your genetics to be overweight.

Stop the negative self talk NOW! So many times we get hung up on the past. We dwell on the negative. We don’t have the courage to believe in ourselves. Stop. JUST stop it all RIGHT now.

We have the power to change any negative circumstance we are in. It starts with one simple step, believing you CAN!

I used to look in the mirror and remind myself I hadn’t worked out consistently in years. I would tell myself I couldn’t shake the last eight pounds of baby weight from my second child a YEAR after she was born. I was too busy. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. The loss of self just came with being a mom.

The thing is, those were all excuses. They were ALL lies.

We are capable of so much more than we believe. Right this second, start telling yourself you CAN. You are capable of achieving your goals, one step at a time.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Look back at when you were the happiest, in the best shape of your life, or when you felt the most confident. How long ago was that?? Nothing happens in an instant, and you didn’t get HERE overnight.

My mindset started to change one workout at a time. When I found something that worked. Before I saw changes in myself, I saw people that changed themselves, and I SIMPLY trusted the process.

When you make a commitment to yourself to BE better and do more, you move towards those goals one day at a time.

1. Map out your goals by giving yourself an end date and milestones along the way.

2. Find someone or a group that is going to support you, and be completely honest with them about  both your goals and your struggles.

3. Track your progress EVERY dang day! Every workout counts, every meal counts, and every cookie you turn down is a WIN. <3 (Baked goods are my weakness if you didn’t know that by now).

4. Stop reminding yourself of the things you are giving up and remind yourself how good it will feel to be successful.

5. Promise yourself that you will treat your body better, fill your head with positive self talk, and only spend time with people who lift you up.