Faith Bigger Than FEAR

FAITH bigger than fear3I heard something Sunday morning in church that I have thought about multiple times, every day since. If you are allowing FEAR to consume your life, you are NOT trusting God, but you are worshipping those fears. Have you ever felt a calling SO strong, but your FEAR kept you from going after it?! Of course you have. We all have. Fear is healthy, but letting it control your life, or hold you back from your dreams, is NOT. Three years ago, I believed deep down that coaching could change my family’s life, but I let the fear of failure, judgement, and the unknown hold me back. We are SOOOO programmed to do what society deems NORMAL, that we miss out on SO many opportunities to go where we are CALLED. WHY would anyone want to be NORMAL when life can be INCREDIBLE? God gives us the most amazing callings, yet we walk away because we don’t feel capable. Guess what?! God doesn’t call the QUALIFIED, he qualifies the CALLED. So, those FEARS… Let them go! That stirring in your heart, that you were made for MORE… Go after it!!! Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear. 


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