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I’m just an average mom and wife. I don’t have a degree in fitness. I am not a nutritionist or trainer. I DO have a college degree, but even though I spent four years in the classroom as a teacher, and I’ve been super successful in a sales position, I wanted more for my life and my family. I wanted freedom to be present. Freedom to GIVE my kids more. Freedom to EXPERIENCE life.

In 2012, I signed up to be a coach. Let’s be honest here, I signed up for a discount on products, and that was it.

What I found was a community of so much more! My body changed, but my hopes for my family changed even more. I saw so much potential in a business that was based at home. I saw friends that found success by SIMPLY HELPING others! I was capable of that… and it didn’t require a degree, just a PASSION for working on myself and paying it forward. Easy enough, right??

This year, as a DIAMOND coach, I’m focused on helping MY COACHES grow their business and their income. I have NO plans to slow down, but I have every intention of growing this to a full time income, making more than I did as a teacher or in sales. I want to mentor women that join my team to find success in this business, using the SAME successful trainings I used! Are you ready to change your body and your life?? Then, JOIN ME!!!

If you:

-Have a passion for serving others
-Are working to become healthier, happier & stronger
-Are willing to put in the work & are coachable
-Have BIGGER dreams for your life
-Are positive & determined


Please fill out the application HERE.