My Progress

Post baby #3 – 6 month transformation (21DF, Max30, 21DFX)
2015-04-07 08.34.27

Post baby #3 – Max 30
2015-02-12 11.14.02

Post baby #3 – 21 Day Fix
2014-11-05 10.04.06

MOST recent- pre-baby # 3 (T25 Transformation)


When I started this journey, I wasn’t FAT. In fact, no one has probably ever called me fat in my life. Was I overweight? YES! Was I out of shape? YES! Was I happy with my body? NO! With two young daughters, (now an infant son) and a husband who is a coach and works long hours, I had stopped making time for myself, and I had let myself go.

During my first challenge, I started drinking Shakeology EVERY DAY, and I worked out to ChaLEAN Extreme, which I LOVE, love, love! These are my 90 day results.

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UPDATED- September 2012!

After finishing the first round of ChaLEAN Extreme & Shakeology, I tried other programs, and I ended up coming RIGHT BACK. These are updated results at Day 30 of my second round of ChaLEAN Extreme & Shakeology. No MORE EXCUSES!