Never Miss a Monday

Colorful Watercolor Rose Floral Greeting CardI’ve heard a lot of different viewpoints on prioritizing Monday over other days of the week. One side says it’s important to make Monday count- no missing workouts, no starting the week without cleaning up any weekend cheat meals and getting your diet on track. The other side says don’t be too hard on yourself; you can’t put more pressure on yourself on Monday… AND you have all week to get back on track!

Let me tell you what happens when I let my excuses win on Monday. I am OFF the rest of the week, and I find myself scrambling to catch up on the weekend, or I have to roll a workout into the next week. I end up FURIOUS at myself for not holding myself accountable to my commitments.

The program I am doing right now is ONLY five days of workouts, so if I get everything in on the planned days, I am FREE on the weekend to be present with my family, and I don’t have those missed workouts haunting me Saturday and Sunday. Inevidably, I miss a workout during the week, or I am unable to finish it because of sick kids, my husband’s games, or something that comes up, and that ends up being ok. 98% of the time, I can get that missed workout in on the weekend, and I’m ready for the next week.

When I skip a Monday, I can almost guarantee you, I’m going to have something come up another day, and I will have MORE than one workout that I am behind. If I don’t eat clean on Monday, I’m MUCH more likely to cheat on Tuesday, which follows me right on through the week.

Monday is my MINDSET day. I get myself organized for the week, and I commit to both having my nutrition in check and getting five workouts in. When I let my excuses win on Monday, that QUITTER’S voice follows me around ALL week long. My diet is not as clean, I halfway do my workouts, or I don’t get them in at all.

What I’ve learned the past six weeks, doing Insanity Max:30 is I DO NOT have time to miss a Monday workout. For me, it is the most important day of the week because it sets the tone for every other day. When I come out of the gate STRONG and focused, the remainder of my week is better, and I find more success in everything I do.

Never miss a Monday. I’m about to get up, start my workout, and fuel my body with whole foods.


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